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Since the dawn of time there has always been the unexplained in the universe at large. Creatures great and small, miracles that seem to defy nature, wondrous creations and places. For many areas of the universe these things remained cloaked in the shadows but on the planet Kirin, nexus between our universe and the Fey universe, these wonders stalk the land openly. The Fey has long been the source for magical energies throughout the universe and all beings of an extraordinary or unusual nature tend to have some origins in it. It is here on Kirin where timeless spirits that hail from the Fey work their magic, subtly influencing the universe for their own ends.

The year is now 1598 AR. Humanity stretches across the gate world of Kirin. On the eastern plains continent of Zareel, a once disparate and tribal people have rallied together under the banner of one of their mightiest kings, Garland. After many decades of war, Garland has finally completed his conquest of Zareel, uniting his people and driving back the Minos, Ashura, and even Sylphid from their lands. Peace has begun, and humanity begins to build on its gains. But all is not well in the realm of Anorith. The king has been seen less and less frequently of late, and whispers grow of a silent hand moving the affairs of humanity. It is in this time that the lord prince of Anorith, Kael, will change the course of events for Anorith, and indeed Kirin itself.