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Humans do not trust either the Sylphids or the natural races of Kirin. The Sylphids inspire fear and jealously, meanwhile the Minos and Ashuran peoples are little better than livestock in the minds of many. Dark stories tell of the Moorim, whom are looked upon with complete fear and respect by those that know them to be more then a bedtime story. Most humans however do not believe in their existence. To many humans however, thoughts of these troubles will have to take a back seat to the trials and tribulations that their race has seen over the many years. Only in recent times have humans come to be viewed as more than a nomadic race with any true place to call home. They are quick to learn however, and the other races are beginning to realize the true threat and potential of the human race as it's spreads across continents.


Once a race that had dared to reach out towards the stars, the Sylphid are now a dieing race. The Great War demolished their civilization as they stood with the guardians against the Dark Queen, their cities and arcologies crushed by her armies. The few remaining enclaves of technology that survived no longer have access to the fuel sources that used to maintain them, and lie rotting half buried in the soil. The Sylphid have become currators of what little remains of their birthright, and search across the globe for any remnants of their technology that may provide them the ability to power the great arcologies once again and unlock a millenia of lost technology and history to their people. To the Sylphid all other races are considered inferior, with the exception of the Moorim who are hunted on sight to remove the stain of their deeds during The Great War from Kirin.


Minos are an ancient race that has definite bovine and human features. They are devoted to the earth and the stone, and form highly organized tribal counsels of elders to govern their affairs. Most Minos stay within their own tribes, although the many tribes do maintain contact with one another. When the threat of the other races was first realized, the Minos were the first to offer peace and an alliance to the Ashuran peoples. Despite their outwardly tribal ways, the Minos are keepers of lore and history lost to most who still wander the face of Kirin.


The Ashuran live in close knit villages deep in the wooded lands of the world. They live by the pack and will sometimes war with neighboring Ashuran for territory. Recently these conflicts have faded away as the Minos have rallied the Ashuran people to ward off the threat of encroaching humans and worse as the Sylphid and Moorim have been pushed out of their realms as well. The Ashuran people have a talent for domestication and the keeping of other minor animal races, and keep many varieties of these races on hand to use for a variety of purposes, both domestic and martial in nature.


Also known as the lost race or the dark ones, the Moorim are a race of creatures who may even pre-date the Sylphid. Little is known about them by any other than the Sylphid now, and even that has become twisted in time. What few Moorim remain have banded together in the dark recesses of the world and nuture their pain and hatred of the other races who fought against them and ultimately threw down both the Moorim and their leader, the Dark Queen.