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Prince Kael

Kael, son of Garland, is the sole heir to the throne of Anorith. His mother perished during his birth, and he has grown strong, intelligent, and caring under the watchful eye of his father. Often willful and quick to make decisions, Kael believes in fairness but often has a naïve view of the world which colors his judgment.

King Garland

King of Anorith and father to Kael, King Gardland is an imposing figure. Coming from a tribal upbringing in the north, he swept through the southern tribes, uniting them under his banner. Perceived as a fair and wise ruler, he is well loved by his citizens. Non-humans however despise him for his calculated moves to exterminate them from "human" territory.

Councilor Terence

Young and inexperienced, Terence was the understudy to the late Chancellor. His youth hides exceptional intellect and wisdom. Terence's loyalty is to the throne first, and he bends all of his magic and efforts to furthering the King's goals. On discovering the betrayal, he flees to the north to help Kael before it is too late.

Sword Mistress Zara

Mistress Zara is the eldest daughter to Duke Cairne of the Northern Free States. Older then Kael, Zara serves as both his guardian and companion on the road. She does have a royal birthright of her own, and is significantly more experienced in the world then Kael. She often finds herself in disagreement with the policies of Anorith, especially non-human inequality, and longs to return home to her country.

The Imposter

The Imposter steps into the scene shortly after the church moves against Kael on the frontier. A shadowy figure, he claims to be King Garland and for all intensive purposes looks just like him. However he is noticeably less compassionate, indeed verging on cruel, than people remember their King, and is very much in favor of the church as opposed to the ruling council of Anorith. Rallying many of the generals and the church to his side, the Imposter jails the king and then foments a civil war within the nation.

Huntress Mir

A respect member of the Clergy, Mir has no standing in the church as a religious leader. Instead she is an assassin who carries out the needs of the church in order to promote its political needs. Mir is commanded directly by Bishop Corin to hunt down and kill the Prince before he can return from the northern front.

Bishop Corin

An advisor to Cardinal Martinez, he slaughters the old man in his sleep. He helps the imposter to take his place at the thrown and does his best to run the country into ruin. A dark figure, his goals remain unknown.

Overseer Varek

Varek was, during wartime, one of the highest ranking generals in King Garland's army. As an advisor however, Varek has never been trusted due to his overt ambition. This has eaten at him like a cancer, and when the imposter came into being Varek gladly threw his influence behind him. Now Varek works to organize and command the armies of both Anorith and the Church.